About "The Blue Ferret"

(Admit it, that got your attention.)

Content = Stories You Tell Your Customers

Content Marketing is about telling stories. Stories about what you do. Stories about your customers. How I came up with "Blue Ferret" is one such story.

When I started freelancing, I wanted a name people would remember. But one that would also stand out. Professional and memorable. Research led me to "business colors" - how colors are perceived in business communications. Red, for instance, indicates passion, fast-paced action, and emergency. Blue on the other hand indicates professionalism and intellectualism.

Okay, but what's a ferret got to do with content creation?

The ferret part comes from two sources. One, I support ferret legalization in California. Even wrote & edited some of the movement's content. Two, did you ever hear of a blue ferret before? Nope! It sticks in your head. Good example of engagement.

Now imagine how engaging the content I create for you will be.
On second thought, don't. Just contact me and let's both find out!

My contact information is to the left. Let's make some content (written in Human)!


Samples from my 12-year content work history.